Question : Why AFSIS fixes the table format in Excel file for uploading the data?

Answer : AFSIS designs the website to be real time update. When the web program directly reads the data in Excel files, it will transfer each cell of data in Excel to the data field in the regional database. If someone sends the different format or misses the location, the program will ignore and may end up in recording the wrong data.

Question : Can the Focal Point upload other information to the AFSIS website?

Answer : AFSIS will develop the upload section to receive other information as well. They could be additional data arising from the First Workshop on Data Standardization held in July 2003 in Ayutthaya, Thailand. The other information can be in various formats such as document (doc) files, text (txt) files, Excel spreadsheets (xls) files, Portable Document Format (pdf) files, and images files (gif, jpg)

Question :
Does AFSIS website set the limit of file size for uploading?

Answer : Since AFSIS website intends to protect any error that might occur during the uploading, the limit of file size should be no more than 3 MB. If the Focal Point would like to upload any file larger than 3 MB, please contact the webmaster to resize or divide the file before publishing it in the AFSIS website.

Question :
Does AFSIS website display in other languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Thai?

Answer : AFSIS intends to use the English version as a common language for communication. If any member would like to publish in other languages, the focal point may select some web page to translate your national language, such as about AFSIS.

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